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What is YouTube Cashcow?

YouTube Cashcow channels are normal YouTube channels, but without a face attached to them. This means that you can earn passive income in the background!
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How does a Cashcow channel work?

YouTube CashCow is an automated business model in which you make or have videos made and post them on YouTube. You do not have to show your face, so it is also completely anonymous. These videos earn you money through advertisements that you do not have to provide yourself, so you create a passive source of income. In other words (a nice extra income or full-time income)
You will therefore be paid through advertisements that appear under your videos. These are advertisements paid by companies and you get a part of this, so to speak.

How much time does a Cashcow channel take?

You can easily do a YouTube CashCow channel alongside your studies or job. You will be working on this for about 2 to 3 hours a week when you have the videos outsourced. This is of course with 1 channel, if you want to start multiple channels you will of course spend a little more time on this. You can easily double your income with this.
With this business model you can ultimately passively create income. You are also location independent, because you work with your laptop. The business model is quite easy to automate, so money is literally coming in while you sleep. In addition, you can travel and plan your own time. In addition, you work for yourself, so the harder you work, the more money comes in. So you no longer work for someone else's wallet.

What can YouTube Cashcow do for you?

Passive income
Location independent
Own working hours
Financial certainty
High profit margins

What you don't need (to do):

Show your face
Create videos yourself
Have amazing editing skills
Fancy equipment
Be a certain age
Customer service
Invest lots of money

Anyone can make money with YouTube Cashcow

Become successful with YouTube Cashcow
in 4 simple steps

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Step 1
Book your appointment with one of our experts.
This call is to see where you are now and if we can help you achieve your goals. The meeting will take place via Zoom.
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Step 2
Finding the right niche for you
Niche research is very important. This is one of the main fundamentals when it comes to YouTube Cash Cow. We are happy to help you with this!
Wat is een YouTube Cashcow?
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Step 3
Launch your YouTube channel!
Set up your first channel and make sure that your channel is yours together with us be accepted by the YouTube Partner program. 
Step 4
Start making money with YouTube Cashcow
Together with you, we ensure that you will earn money through advertisements via Google AdSense.

Why choose Cashcow Babes

Passive income
Clear Modules
Personal Succescoach
Feeling butterflies?
Do you want to start creating a passive source of income now?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does a Youtube cash cow channel cost me?
You spend about 2-3 hours a week with 1 channel if you have the videos outsourced. When you start making the videos yourself, this will be about 2 hours a day.
How much money do you need to start a Youtube cash cow channel?
The videos that you outsource will cost you around $40 per video. For 4-5 minute videos, it's about $25. So there is still something to play with here. So that is your only investment until you are admitted to the youtube partner program and you can start earning money with your videos.
Why should I start a Youtube cash cow channel?
Youtube cash cow is easy to scale up, you can do it alongside your studies or work, you can create a good passive income with it, you are location independent, you can set your own times, you have profit margins of 90% and YouTube is the largest platform in terms of video sharing and viewing, so it will continue to grow.
How does YouTube cashcow payout work?
Through the Google Adsense platform. This platform pays out your money.
Why did you start coaching in Youtube Cashcow?
I noticed that there was a world that knew nothing about making money online and how relatively easy it can actually be and would like to convey this to others.
What can you expect when starting YouTube University?
Good help from professional coaches. Good 1-1 guidance, where we teach you all the steps from A-Z. An extensive online educational platform and, above all, a lot of personal contact and guidance.
"Nice course, if you want to take a new step in business, this is definitely recommended."
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