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Angela Brink Reviews
Dana Stoffers
Dana is currently 22 years old and started with me a few months ago as a 1-1 student and has already achieved some great results through YouTube Cash Cow.
Dana graduated as a beautician and then started her own business. She thinks entrepreneurship is great, so she rented a room herself in a building where she could give beauty treatments.

Unfortunately due to the corona she had to close a few times and chose to choose a permanent job. She liked her permanent job very well at that time, but she wanted to save so that she could eventually live on her own and make nice trips. Dana also wanted more freedom to be her own boss again. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the average person with an average income to live on their own and still be able to save or do fun things next door, so she decided to see what other possibilities there were in terms of earning money. .
''I'm super happy to have met Angela. My results were soon visible and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the extensive 1-1 training from YouTube University. I was able to quit my job after 6 months and now work with Angela from abroad. YouTube University has given me many insights in the field of money, but also in the field of self-development. Now I enjoy a free life, I can travel and earn money at the same time. Everyone's dream if you ask me''
Dana ran into us on TikTok and didn't hesitate too long to send me a message.
After a super cool conversation and a joint call, she almost immediately decided to enter into a 1-1 trajectory with us and dare to take the step.

After a few months, Dana already achieved results and she was very motivated to continue this. Now she can travel, she has more freedom, she works an average of 2-3 hours a day and she has been able to generate an above-average income.

The click between Dana and the company was very good, because we saw that Dana was a go-getter. As a result, we made Dana an offer and asked if she wanted to become the 2nd face of YouTube University, so that she could generate a passive income in addition to YouTube. She proudly said yes.

She says she really enjoys helping everyone, because she started that way herself and can inspire others because of this. Dana is proof to us that anyone can start this and you can literally transform your life within a few months.

Cashcow Babes has the most comprehensive online platform. See the student results & reviews below.

Angela Brink Reviews
"Extra income next to my job πŸš€"
Angela Brink Reviews
"Through Cashcow Babes I have grown enormously"
Angela Brink Reviews
"Perfect guidance and easy to combine with your job/study"

Cashcow Babe results

Angela Brink Reviews
"Great experience at Cashcow Babes!"
Angela Brink Reviews
"Highly recommended. πŸ†"
A few months ago I started the course that Cashcow Babes offers. The videos explain exactly what you need to do step by step. The contact with Angela is also pleasant, she is an entrepreneurial woman who has a passion for what she does and is committed to helping others with this too!
Angela Brink Reviews
Ruth Boerma
1 on 1 Journey
The course that has been created is very clear, everything is explained in it. If you have a question in between, you can always ask it and you would also get an answer back.
You will be guided through it step by step during the videos in the course.
Angela Brink Reviews
Rosenna Beekelaar
Master course
I started this course a few months ago. The course is clearly explained with videos. Also during the calls, you are well thought along and you are sent in the right direction, very nice guidance!
Angela Brink Reviews
Anne Linn
Group coaching
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I believe that with this course it will be a lot easier and I will get the right help I need!"
"Two months ago I decided to purchase the course. I opted for 1 on 1 guidance and I am very satisfied with it. I only have to send a message and I immediately have an appointment for an online call in which personal advice is given Angela watches with me and helps me make the right choices. In addition, Angela provides additional information about the online course during a personal conversation. This allows me to understand even better what I have learned in the course!"
"A few months ago I took the step to purchase the 1-1 course from Angela. Before this I had had several conversations with Angela and she explained everything clearly to me, which gave me the courage to take this step.
During the first call, Angela went through everything with me and I received a clear explanation from her.
I knew what to do and if I had any questions I could go to Angela.
Angela also went through everything with me during the next call and gave a clear explanation about this.

The modules and videos are clear, you get a good/extensive explanation and Angela knows what she's talking about, so I definitely recommend this online course!

I really appreciate Angela's personal contact!!"
"I started the course a little over a month ago and have already learned so much from it. Angela answers very quickly and wants to help wherever he is. The course contains very clear videos with information and how to apply this information perfectly. This is really highly recommended to purchase if you want to start a business!"
"Angela is very friendly and helpful, she helps you to go through all the steps. You can also always ask questions, which she can answer well and provide clear explanations. I am happy with the guidance I receive from Angela."
Iris Klein
"At Youtube University I opted for the 1 on 1 trajectory, during the first video call with Angela she explains everything so well and really takes the time for you. All my questions were immediately clear after the first call. can view on the learning platform are also fun to watch and super clear. Angela really gives you a super familiar feeling and now even more excited to start with Youtube Cash cow!"
Louise Sevens
"From day one I was immediately included in the whole process. This allowed me to know exactly what to expect and to set goals for myself. Angela always makes time to answer my questions and gives me all the time and space to complete this process I personally like this very much because of my studies!"
Cris Van der Corput
"I approached Angela via social media and asked for information. She was immediately very clear about this and I quickly started working with one of her business partners. A quick and honest answer and the 1on1 guidance ensures that what you do , going well! I am very satisfied and I have 0 regrets that I made the investment!"
Sophie Middelkoop
"It is highly recommended! As someone who is very firm about purchasing training courses, I immediately had a good feeling with Angela because of her transparency. After purchasing the training, I was surprised that there are more than 100 lessons that prepare you for the Youtube Cashcow world! And the structure is absolutely top!"
"I am currently working on my own YouTube channel and it is really going in the right direction! Especially because of the good guidance of my coach Angela. I would really recommend this experience to everyone, you really contradict yourself in this and you remain your own in this also really into motivating and improving your own time and that gives yourself a huge boost as a person! If you enter into this experience then I give the tip to keep going! after a while, but you really have to persevere and if you see good results, you will only gain more confidence!!! So highly recommended! Was a great choice!!πŸš€πŸ’—"
"The course was an enormously educational experience that is easy to go through and easy to understand. In addition, there are plenty of documents that you can use when starting up. You can contact Angela with any questions. I am very excited to start!"
"I started the 1-on1 training a few months ago. After a very long dubbing and after asking Angela a lot of questions, I finally started! I haven't achieved any results with my channel yet, but I'm sure that this will come! Angela always responds quickly and honestly. Very nice, I couldn't have wished for a better coach β™‘"
"A super good program and top 1 on 1 guidance. You can always contact Angela to ask questions and she thinks along well for solutions. Despite the fact that I follow a full-time study, this can easily be combined."
"I started the course a while ago. Everything is explained very clearly and is understandable for everyone! If you need help, you will always be helped well and quickly so that you can continue on your own. I am very satisfied and I would recommend to everyone!"
"I have already learned a lot from YouTube University! Only the course itself is very educational and fun. Angela explains everything step by step in the videos that have been uploaded in the course. You also have an option to 1- op-1 guidance. I chose this myself and I am very pleased with it! You can schedule calls with Angela and her colleagues and ask personal questions about your channel in that way. Really great! Definitely recommended 😊"
"At first I was a bit nervous about getting started. But after the first call I immediately started working with YouTube University. It contains a lot of clear and good videos, so you can get started quicklyπŸ‘πŸΌ Even if you have questions, Angela answers very quickly, which I personally like very much, so I can quickly continue where I left off.
I really like the collaboration so far πŸ₯° and definitely recommend the others to start."
Robin van Hoof
"I was well guided during the process! The course is very clear and the 1 on 1 calls are very nice. The group coaching is also very inspiring to listen to.
If you want to take a new step in business, this is definitely recommended!"
Angela Brink Reviews
Sascha van Wanrooij
"I started a 1 on 1 process a while ago. Angela explained everything very nicely and well in short videos, so that you immediately have a clear picture. She is also very helpful and gives you time. Something I like it very much!"
"I have no idea why so much hate is spread about the course / coaching, but in my opinion everything is just great. I have purchased the 1:1 course and have always been well supported by Angela. Sometimes it takes a little longer for an answer, but I will certainly not to be the only one. She is always committed to her people πŸ₯°"
Ceyda Aydogdu
"The company helps you quickly! They are always there for you if you have any questions. They also want you to work as quickly as possible, but also as well as possible. The contact is good and they respond quickly."
"Angela's course is highly recommended. The videos are well put together. The 1 on 1 calls are particularly valuable.
That girl really knows what she's talking about.
If you are thinking about taking a course, sign up with her."
"I started 2 months ago with the 1 on 1 guidance after I approached Angela via social media. At first I was very hesitant because I didn't dare to invest in myself because everything was unknown and I didn't know what to expect During my intake interview, everything was explained very calmly and clearly, which immediately gave me a friendly and familiar feeling about Youtube university, but also about the guidance and the videos that you can follow, so that you are not alone. contributed to the fact that I dared to take the step.
During my calls, Angela and her colleagues take plenty of time to go through everything carefully, you are guided through the entire process, very nice!! In addition, you receive honest and sincere feedback that allows you to move on. In addition, the videos are also very clear and a tool to go through again when you don't remember. I work 36 hours on top of it myself and it is easy to combine, partly because I also learn a lot from it myself and because of the enthusiasm. That's why I don't regret for a moment that I started at Youtube university and would recommend it to everyone. Firstly for yourself to learn and develop as a person, but also to dare to dream and to believe in yourself that you can do it and that your goals and plans will come true. Keep it up Youtube university!!"
Iris van Eden
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does a Youtube cash cow channel cost me?
You spend about 2-3 hours a week with 1 channel if you have the videos outsourced. When you start making the videos yourself, this will be about 2 hours a day.
How much money do you need to start a Youtube cash cow channel?
The videos that you outsource will cost you around $40 per video. For 4-5 minute videos, it's about $25. So there is still something to play with here. So that is your only investment until you are admitted to the youtube partner program and you can start earning money with your videos.
Why should I start a Youtube cash cow channel?
Youtube cash cow is easy to scale up, you can do it alongside your studies or work, you can create a good passive income with it, you are location independent, you can set your own times, you have profit margins of 90% and YouTube is the largest platform in terms of video sharing and viewing, so it will continue to grow.
How does YouTube cashcow payout work?
Through the Google Adsense platform. This platform pays out your money.
Why did you start coaching in Youtube Cashcow?
I noticed that there was a world that knew nothing about making money online and how relatively easy it can actually be and would like to convey this to others.
What can you expect when starting YouTube University?
Good help from professional coaches. Good 1-1 guidance, where we teach you all the steps from A-Z. An extensive online educational platform and, above all, a lot of personal contact and guidance.
"Nice course, if you want to take a new step in business, this is definitely recommended."
Sascha van Wanrooij
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