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Cashcow Babes is the most comprehensive educational platform that teaches women to be entrepreneurs when they don't know where to start.
As a young entrepreneur who was struggling himself with the fact where and how to start. I noticed like no other how important the right handles are. Cashcow Babes not only teaches you the business model and how to create passive income, but so much more. Together with my success coaches, we ensure that you receive help from start to finish to develop yourself into an ambitious successful entrepreneur.

What is Youtube Cashcow?

YouTube CashCow is an automated business model in which you make or have videos made and post them on YouTube. You do not have to show your face, so it is also completely anonymous. These videos earn you money through advertisements that you do not have to provide yourself, so you create a passive source of income. In other words (a nice extra income or full-time income).
Frequently Asked Questions

Can Youtube offer me financial freedom?

This is certainly possible. With 1 channel you can consistently earn 2-8K every month or even more. You can automate this and scale it up to multiple channels. The more you put into channels yourself, the more passive income you can earn.

Do you need experience to start a Cash Cow channel?

No, anyone can start with this, young and old. Without and with experience. Everything is possible. You also do not need to master any special technical skills.

What are the advantages of this business model compared to other business models?

With YouTube Cash Cow you have high profit margins, no blockages, no inventory costs, you don't have to run your own ads and this business model is relatively easy to scale and automate.

How much time does it take for your channel to go viral?

With our students, we often see that they go viral after 20-25 videos and are admitted to the partner program. This can also be earlier, but we call it an average. So within a month you could already start earning money with your channel.

What can you expect when starting a Cashcow Babes course?

Good help from professional coaches. Good 1-1 guidance, where we teach you all the steps from A-Z. An extensive online educational platform and, above all, a lot of personal contact and guidance.
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Become successful with YouTube Cashcow
in 4 simple steps

Angela Brink Calendly
Step 1
Book your appointment with one of our experts.
This call is to see where you are now and if we can help you achieve your goals. The meeting will take place via Zoom.
Step 2
Finding the right niche for you
Niche research is very important. This is one of the main fundamentals when it comes to YouTube Cash Cow. We are happy to help you with this!
Wat is een YouTube Cashcow?
Beginnen met YouTube Cashcow
Step 3
Launch your YouTube channel!
Set up your first channel and make sure that your channel is yours together with us be accepted by the YouTube Partner program. 
Step 4
Start making money with YouTube Cashcow
Together with you, we ensure that you will earn money through advertisements via Google AdSense.
Start today with YouTube Cashcow
Your dream is the same as mine, right?
Like many other students we have helped, we can say with certainty that it is possible and achievable to live like a princess. However, this starts with your own commitment and we are happy to help! With our help, we ensure that you, just like me, have a carefree life, can travel comfortably and live like a princess.
What you can expect from us:
Ultimate mindset skills that help you go there, where you actually want to give up
We teach you how to generate passive income through YouTube Cash Cow channels
We teach you how you can enjoy independent work locations for a lifetime without us
We also teach you how to scale up your channels and how to automate this, which results in only 2 hours of work per day.
Not convinced yet?
Read what our students say about us
"I started the course a little over a month ago and have already learned so much from it. Angela answers very quickly and wants to help wherever he is. The course contains very clear videos with information and how to apply this information perfectly. This is really highly recommended to purchase if you want to start a business!"
"Angela is very friendly and helpful, she helps you to go through all the steps. You can also always ask questions, which she can answer well and provide clear explanations. I am happy with the guidance I receive from Angela."
Iris Klein
"At Youtube University I opted for the 1 on 1 trajectory, during the first video call with Angela she explains everything so well and really takes the time for you. All my questions were immediately answered after the first call. can view on the learning platform are also fun to watch and super clear. Angela really gives you a super familiar feeling and now even more excited to start with Youtube Cash cow!"
Louise Sevens
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does a Youtube cash cow channel cost me?
You spend about 2-3 hours a week with 1 channel if you have the videos outsourced. When you start making the videos yourself, this will be about 2 hours a day.
How much money do you need to start a Youtube cash cow channel?
The videos that you outsource will cost you around $40 per video. For 4-5 minute videos, it's about $25. So there is still something to play with here. So that is your only investment until you are admitted to the youtube partner program and you can start earning money with your videos.
Why should I start a Youtube cash cow channel?
Youtube cash cow is easy to scale up, you can do it alongside your studies or work, you can create a good passive income with it, you are location independent, you can set your own times, you have profit margins of 90% and YouTube is the largest platform in terms of video sharing and viewing, so it will continue to grow.
How does YouTube cashcow payout work?
Through the Google Adsense platform. This platform pays out your money.
Why did you start coaching in Youtube Cashcow?
I noticed that there was a world that knew nothing about making money online and how relatively easy it can actually be and would like to convey this to others.
What can you expect when starting Cashcow Babes?
Good help from professional coaches. Good 1-1 guidance, where we teach you all the steps from A-Z. An extensive online educational platform and, above all, a lot of personal contact and guidance.
"Nice course, if you want to take a new step in business, this is definitely recommended."
Sascha van Wanrooij
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